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Local, national and international artists are invited to submit proposals for time-based works to be presented at Broad Sense: Perimeter on October 5th 2019. For nine hours, from 2pm to 11pm we invite artists to use 7 acres on top of a ridge in Marshall, NC (Just outside of Asheville). Broad Sense encourages the submission of time-based media, audio, site-specific works, and video based proposals.

Broad Sense: Perimeter invites artists to consider the concept of perimeter and distance through time based media.  Perimeter is distance around something. What is a broad sense of perimeter?

How to apply:
Fill out the form below and pay the $10.00 application fee. The $10 application fee is due at the same time as your application and must be completed in order for the application to be considered. (This money will go directly to support the artists that take part in Broad Sense: Perimeter).

Deadline date: June 30, 2019

Submissions must include:
A completed application form (SEE BELOW) - includes the following:
- Artist CV and statement.
- 500 word project description (please include the approximate duration).
- Link to your website and/or maximum 10 images of existing and/or proposed work (no larger than 72dpi).
- Submitting video? Video submissions must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo and sent as a link (video files sent as attachments will not be viewed).

We can offer:
- Documentation (photos of performance, no video)
- Assistance with local accommodations (at a local house/or arranging discount in neighborhood hotels/hostels)
- Food
- Small honorarium

Behind the scenes of the Broad Sense Event:
Broad Sense is a collaboration between MAP/REVOLVE, Asheville, NC and Alice Vogler + Vela Phelan, Marshall, NC and their land.

REVOLVE gathers the creative energies of the Asheville area, represented by a variety of viewpoints, forms of expression, markets, and communities, to reach out from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the visual and intellectual landscape of the US and abroad. We generate conversations that inspire collaboration across media, disciplines, identities and agendas.

Alice Vogler and Vela Oma have been married and curating and making timed based work for the last for 17 years. Their curatorial work focuses on live art actions and participatory exhibitions. They have exhibited hundreds of contemporary artists that are utilizing live action and hands-on approaches in both traditional settings and non-art designated contexts. They partnered with REVOLVE to create Broad Sense in 2018 and are continuing to work together for Broad Sense: Perimeter.

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