Take a tour of the observable universe and/or explore the Earth as a system.

Each program is offered twice: once at Revolve on Friday, November 9 and once at YMI on Saturday, November 10

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Cosmotroping  with David McConville

Co-chair of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and renowned visualization entrepreneur, David will narrate tours of the known universe, examining how life has evolved. These visualizations provide an opportunity for reflection and set the stage for considering our power in shaping planetary forces.

Friday November 9th 10am at RAMP

Saturday November 10th 10am at YMI



Geoscoping with Ned Gardiner

If we are to be “masters of our time,” as William Shakespeare encouraged us to do, we need to understand our species’ influence on space and time across planet Earth. Join us as we consider ways to avoid the unmanageable and manage the unavoidable, from the Arctic to corals and from the Appalachians to urban heat islands. 

Friday November 9th 11am at RAMP

Saturday November 10th 11am at YMI


RAMP 821 Riverside Dr. Asheville, NC 28801

YMI Cultural Center 20-44 Eagle St, Asheville, NC 28801