New Work by Jenna McDonald + Sara Rincon

Exhibition runs from June 8th - June 18th in both project space and orange space at REVOLVE and Cotton Mill Studios

Sara Rincon


Play is our brain's favorite way of learning.

-Diane Ackerman

My work is about play, reaction, and durability. Spray foam and house paint are manipulated by hand, changed by their substrates and additions, or further pushed by hand carving and sanding. The limited color palette aims to set a tone that is both playful and tense in turns. It is my aim to create pieces that hold within them a push-pull of revulsion and glee. Each piece is designed to standalone or interact with the other work around it, lending personality to each of the designs.

Sara Rincon is a Georgia native currently living, and pursuing an MFA, in the mountains of Sylva, North Carolina. She received her BA in 2012 from Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia, with a concentration in painting and printmaking.

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Jenna McDonald


Foraging through observations to procure ideals
Arranging tendencies
I don't fake smiles
Money wins
Bitter punch
Money wins
Pinched gut
Tears of great fortune
Fight! Cry! Succumb!
Kids playing in the pool
The first growth of underarm hair on a boy transforming
Mercy is flawed
Slipping down into cold water, putting out my fire slowly

Jenna is a native to St.Augustine, FL where she also received her BFA at Flagler College in 2008. She is currently an MFA candidate at Western Carolina University, hoping to graduate in the fall 2016.