The Dream Journal: 

A User's Guide

A practical workshop for artists, writers, and anyone else exploring dreams to enhance creativity, intuition, and self-awareness 

With Bernard Welt of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the Corcoran College of the Arts and Design at George Washington University - Co-author, Dreaming in the Classroom

More about Bernard HERE.

Dreams show us what we haven’t been able to express in words or images in waking life.  Respecting dreams instead of dismissing them opens us to intuition, our own unrecognized thoughts and feelings, and the symbolic mode of thought.  In this workshop, we’ll come to appreciate why so many innovators have experienced breakthrough moments by recovering their dreams.

Even if you never remember your dreams, you can easily master a few simple tricks to catch them before they fly away, and establish a practice for keeping a dream journal, tracking dreams, and drawing upon them as a resource for inspiration and insight.  Participants will share dreams, using a gentle, non-intrusive method for unlocking the metaphors that structure dreams.  We will treat dreams as experiences that deepen with exploration, and try out techniques for working with dreams, drawing on modern psychology, cultural traditions, and practical exercises for artists.

This is a two session workshop



The Nature of Dreams

Learning from Dream Pioneers

Special Dreams: Lucidity, Incubation, Big Dreams

The Artist’s Way with Dreams: From Private Worlds to Shared Experience



Recovering and Recording Dreams

Making a Dream Journal Part of Your Creative and Personal Practice

Working Your Dreams

Dreaming = Imagining

Both sessions are from 10am - 2:30pm