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October 1st - October 30th

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Aestheticization of Error: the Analog and Digital Materiality of GLITCH

Rhona Eve Clews -  As if my hand could cross that gap ii, (ocean)

Rhona Eve Clews - As if my hand could cross that gap ii, (ocean)

Join us on October 27th from 7:00 - 8:30pm for the panel discussion with lydia see as moderator.

Panelists include Jeff Mason, Jason Furr, Marley Carroll and Peter Kusek

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Information about the participants:

+ Jeff Mason is the instigator of this exhibition. He attended Film school at NC School of the Arts, spent 10 years in Los Angeles and is a visual artist and storyteller. He's also one of the busiest guys in Asheville, volunteering his time at countless orgs such as AshevilleFM and the Asheville Art Museum.

+ Jason Scott Furr is Director of The Asheville Darkroom and a new media artist working mainly with real time video and exploring unusual combinations of analog and digital imaging processes. He is also on the board of the Media Arts Project and has been involved with the Asheville Art scene for more than a decade. 

+ Marley Carroll is a classically trained pianist and percussionist, multi-instrumentalist performer and producer, and a DJ. He works in both analog and digital processes and an active internationally working musician, known for electronic and instrumental music, DJ sets, and what NPR called "gorgeously subdued glitch-pop.”

+ Peter Kusek is a Lecturer of New Media at UNC Asheville who has earned an MFA in Film, Video, and New Media and an MA in Visual Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He employs oblique strategies and misuse media technologies to re-contextualize and reinterpret traditional cinematic, sonic and photographic practices.

+ Lydia See, co-curator of the exhibition, multidisciplinary practitioner, archivist, connector of people and concepts, and am currently the Artist in the Community Artist in Residence in Partnership with HUB-BUB and the Spartanburg Public Library System in Spartanburg, SC. 

  AVLGLITCH is a month-long 3 venue exhibition of juried works from an open call that brought submissions from near and far.

Glitch art is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors. This exhibition will focus on Glitch photography – experimentation through manipulation of an original image using creative post-photography processes. Glitch is rooted in transience and imperfection, and the recent influx of vernacular photography due to social media has brought a shift in visual aesthetics celebrating serendipity and mistakes as well as inspiring professional photographers to intentionally craft anomalies. Glitch explores this trend and looks forward to the future of the medium. Unexpected material exploration is encouraged, as are works made using “glitch” processes and other practices that have been sourced with (mostly) non-photographic media, such as catalog clippings, literary texts, 3D Models, Film Stills, Paintings, and Vector graphics, stills from video or animated GIFs.  Tagging images on Instagram with #avlglitch is encouraged and tagged images will be projected and featured online throughout the exhibition. 

Best in Show: Rhona Eve Clews - As if my hand could cross that gap ii, (ocean)

1st Place: Dean Engson - Dimension

2nd Place: Joel Ebner - Our Cells

Other participating venues are:

The Asheville Darkroom - Asheville Area Arts Council, 207 Coxe Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801

The BLOCK off Biltmore - 39 S Market St, Asheville, NC 28801 

46 artists from 14 countries are represented in the exhibition.


The Asheville Darkroom

Alan Page

Michael Betancourt

Caterina Marchionne

Glenn Young

Lucas Sams

Rhona Eve Clews

Roberto Montiel

Russell White

Dayana Stano

Tim Lewis


Nathanial Lancaster

Julietta Guttersmark

Brittany Jackson

Laura Sellers

David Cortello

Eugenia Villarreal

Jessica Putnam

Joel Ebner

Jessica Andersdotter

The BLOCK off Biltmore

Emily Gillis

Brian Larney

Bailey Sowka

Alden Clarke

Elizabeth Von Kaenel

Benjamin Fleury

Brian Larney

Brittonius Lyle

James Usill

Rae Steinberg

Evan Lewis

Russell White

Marissa Garcia


Ingmar Swalue

Zen Sutherland

Lumi Loser

Joseph Alvarez

MF Tech

John Wess

Francois Morvillier

Roberto Pittalis

Richard Stoia

Dean Engson

Eric Frame

Roberto Malano

Jeff Mason

Jeff Evans