The Media Arts Project + Revolve in conjunction with BMCM+AC, present a reactive multimedia installation in the John Cage Room scored by multiple movements which feature live coding, sound, performance and visuals. Isolated performers responded to streams of dynamic visual cues, the sequence and content of which were determined by chance operations. The room itself acted as a site of negotiation — between the performers, and between the performers and audience. It was a nexus for virtual collaboration, coincidental encounters, prompted actions, and a variety of trans-disciplinary activities.

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In October of 2018, MAP/REVOLVE partnered with Alice Vogler & Vela Oma to present a day-long event. For nine hours, from 2pm to 11pm on October 27th, 2018 visiting and local experimental performance and sound artists used 7 acres on top of a ridge in Marshall, NC to create timed performances, durational work, multi site pieces, installation and sound work. Moondrawn (Boston) was one of those performers and he has shared the results with us. Take a listen.

***Stay Tuned for Info About Broad Sense 2019***