We are thrilled to be a sponsor and participating artist at this years festival. Come look for us at the Roundhouse!

MARCH 30th 3pm - 11pm at Lake Eden

Tickets and more info HERE

sketch of stage for   Gray To Move

sketch of stage for Gray To Move

Gray To Move

MAP/REVOLVE is thrilled to present a new performance work designed + conceived by Avey Menard & Coco Villa. Gray To Move is a game, a movement piece, and an invitation to question the boundaries of black and white. Through play, interrogation, and chance encounter, performers and audience can explore the grayness inherent in even the most fixed binary systems. Gray To Move reimagines chess as a game for three, where the stakes are not capture and sacrifice but cooperation, flexibility, and insights into the power of the gradient in a world of rigid distinction.

Organizer/Curator--Coco Villa & Avey Menard

Participating Artists:

Isabel Bowser
Katie Richter
Melvin Howell
Alex Travers
Marcy Hannemann
Ryan Oslance
Jeff Ewing

Special thanks
CK Walker



Notes for  Prompts for Performers

Notes for Prompts for Performers