ul·te·ri·or /əlˈtirēər/ : adjective existing beyond what is obvious or admitted; intentionally hidden.
in·te·ri·or /ˌinˈtirēər/ : adjective situated within or inside; relating to the inside; inner.

 Masks are often used to replace an actual face, used to disguise that which is hidden beneath or protect it from harm. Often used for ceremonial or entertainment purposes, the mask can represent that which we wish to be or emulate. The mask creates an ulterior self.

I will present a series of masks taken from life representing different subjects and cast with paper pulp through a mold process. Each pulp will be different, taken from varying materials including bamboo and kudzu. My interest lies in experimenting with the process of paper pulp casting and this allows me the opportunity to explore that while also presenting a series of works that can speak to my interest in highlighting the human elements that make us all similar. Ultimately, this project will evolve into a larger body of sculptural work that will be focused on representing self-identification through the multiplicity of human layers including the metaphysical self, the mental self (or the psyche), the sensory self, and the physical self.

Jen Gordon

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Jen Gordon is a photographer, mixed media artist, and sculptor based in Asheville, NC. Jennifer received her B.A. in 2006 from Humboldt State University (HSU) in Arcata, CA. where she double majored in Art History and Studio Art with an emphasis in photography, a minor in German, and a certificate in museum and gallery practices. Jennifer works in mixed media and sculpture combining printmaking, analog and alternative process photography, exploratory use of found & reclaimed objects and materials, papermaking and casting, and wax painting. Her work evokes empathy for the human plight and catharsis of the past creating visceral imagery that exposes her own personal existential struggle.

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