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MARK TIME: 7 artists

  • REVOLVE 821 Riverside Drive #179 Asheville, NC, 28801 United States (map)


an exhibition of drawing by 7 artists

Project Space

October 6th - November 1st

Reception for the Artists October 7th 7p - 8p

(In conjunction with REVOLVE SOUND EIGHT)


Jason Gubbiotti

Jason lives and works in the countryside, just outside of Paris, France. He received his BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design in 1998. Since then, he has exhibited in the United States, France, Germany and Switzerland. His solo exhibitions have been mounted at Civilian Art Projects, Hemphill, PAH Projects and FUSEBOX. Selected group exhibitions have been “Landscape Confection,” curated by Helen Molesworth at The Wexner Center for the Arts, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and The Orange County Museum of Art. Gubbiotti has also participated in exhibitions at Centre d’art Contemporain, Atelier Estienne (France); FRIART / Kunstalle Freiburg (Switzerland); Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken( Germany); American University Museum, Washington, DC; and Curator’s Office, Washington, DC.


I am an artist that primarily makes paintings. Within that practice, often I make works on paper that are made with pens, pencils, watercolors and cutting and glueing. Though these works have a dialogue with my paintings yet are not versions of my paintings on paper. There have been moments over the past 20 years where I was able to say that my drawings were a step ahead of my paintings and offered a glimpse at what was to come. Today it is more clear to me that my works on paper operate in their own space.

Paint and pens have different capabilities and the works that are made by them are directed by their abilities. Both veins of works do contain similar strategies and do focus on concepts as in discipline and endurance. Where both projects do contain these, my drawings have a stronger hold on improvisation inside what one might refer to task oriented activities. Often at the start of a drawing, I develop a basic plan or strategy that will take me from start to finish but allows for some decision making along the way and tolerance for reasonable drift. By having such a frame work, the act of making these works provides a process of in which I can continually work. This approach to working lends for moments of sudden inspiration while remaining inside the initial endeavor. It also keeps the work from becoming completely mechanical and shows evidence of the human incapability of physical and mental perfection. These differences, “errors “ and unintentional accidents become a recording of human visual activity.

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Jordan Krutsch

Jordan is an artist residing in Cullowhee, North Carolina. Originally from Defiance, Ohio, he graduated from Bowling Green State University, Ohio in December of 2010 with his BFA. After graduation, Jordan took a job as the studio technician at East Carolina University's School of art and design in the sculpture and wood departments. After his tenure at ECU he worked toward and received his MFA from Western Carolina University and currently teaches as adjunct faculty at UNC Asheville. His work encompasses traditional materials and practices as well as new media and kinetics.


There is a certain amount of knowing that happens when I start to build a machine. I have an idea of what the function will be but I am not always certain what, if anything, it will create through its performance. Built with a sense of immediacy, my ideas and devices develop through iteration -- a constant evolution of add-ons, extensions, deletions, and re-doings. Care is shown through maintenance as are ideas surrounding production of art and art product. Things displayed may not be the 'final' of a project; rather they may only be an artifact of a point in the process.

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Henry Shearon

Henry has been drawing highly intricate and imaginative scenes since he was a child. He graduated in spring 2017 with a BA from Warren Wilson College, with a concentration in printmaking. Henry was born in Virginia and moved to Raleigh, NC at a young age. He currently lives and creates art on a family farm outside of Raleigh. He enjoys all mediums but primarily works with pen and ink, creating detailed black and white drawings. He is currently experimenting with the medium of collage, recycling old drawings and turning them into new works of art.


I explore my subconscious thoughts and dreams through abstract drawing. An important part of this process for me is to let the marksI make guide me; there is very little planning done before I start. I draw inspiration from everything around me. However, nature, architecture, and my own dreams have always been the prominent influences of my work. I enjoy creating my own environments and choosing the inhabitants, structures and objects that live and flourish within them. My medium of choice is pen and ink because it allows me to achieve a level of detail and intricacy within my work that demands a closer, and longer look from the viewer. My goal is to create highly detailed and technical work that pulls the viewers in and keeps the there, wondering, questioning, and exploring."


Kris Lars

Kris was born and growing traversing between the southern and northern parts of the East Coast of America. After graduating in 2011 with a Bachelors of Arts in Studio Art from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, she’s focused on building a bridge through art community, being involved in monthly art exhibits and weekly city markets. Continuing on to Asheville, NC where she currently resides, her ambition keeps growing along with her diligence towards art making and creating a hub for a collective of emerging artists working in the River Arts District at the Phil Mechanic Studios, where she helped create the current Stand Gallery, located 2 floors downstairs. She’s obsessed with the concept of process vs. product and has a long term goal of mural sized works of whimsical figurative mannerism
mixed with bold or sometimes subtle colors and textures. Her exercises consist of making studies of emotion in portraiture, movement with composed figures, and abstract splatters and squiggles to search
for patterning paths and practicing with both sides of the brain.


The tools I use to create are both mixed medium materials and this gifted vessel connected to hands. As they utilize each other to manifest imagination, there is an ignition which electrifies the process of living. It feels exploratory to experiment with Charcoal, acrylic, pen, ink, matte medium. Each material plays a key role in leading these arms to stretch into a different style of expression. I am seeking and feeling to delve into courageous space of following heart lead into art.

With gratitude for the human form, which we can use to pick up, let go and move through, I draw figures frequently. It is a route to meditation for focus on detail of raw form, figuring out the muscular structure, the bones underneath flesh, and I linger in visualizing the circulatory system, the cycle of life and its ever changing impermanence, yet with purpose. The mask of what we see is only a small part of the processing and I tend to practice imagining what worlds live like under a microscope or telescope. Drawing the human body is a way to connect more deeply to all of the senses from within and outside the self.

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Laura Hartmann

Laura was born and raised in Washington, DC. She is currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois. She works at Heaven Gallery. Laura graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio. Her work is often automatic, focusing on the materials she is using. These new pieces are based on photographs she has taken.

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Phillip McGuire

Phillip is a long-time resident of western North Carolina. Born in the south, with personal and professional ties to Washington DC, western Massachusetts, Maine, and Asheville, he currently lives and works in an old family farmhouse somewhere in the foothills of the southern Appalachians. He divides his time between architectural design and fine art.


Enamored with grids, squares, asymmetry, and the intersection of the beautiful and the functional, I have long explored the porous boundary between art and architecture. Spanning the sensibilities of both drawing and sculpture, my work marries a minimalist aesthetic with a love of illustration and a deep respect for materials and craft.

Negative space - contemplative, carefully placed compositions - and the non-drawn line are the primary elements I work with. The sometimes expansive negative spaces are not “empty”; rather, they have a visual and emotional weight and meaning that have become the true subject of my art.



Charlotte White

Charlotte graduated from University of North Carolina – Greensboro, in 2010 and recently completed her MFA at Western Carolina University. She continually showcases her work in galleries across the East coast while also working as a part time commission artist.


Rural southern towns always appear to play host to countless stories of mystery, horror, and disaster. Via spoken word, these tales weave themselves into grandiose displays of narrative in which the testimony becomes more than the story itself. These works, as a play-off of my “Witnesser” series, delve into the occult scenarios that blossom from backwoods NC. These ‘he said, she said’ accounts are transposed into mixed media drawings depicting animals who pantomime the records of individuals telling the story. The narratives are intentionally left vague as to reenact the obscurity in which the plot was told. This imagery becomes a placemaker for my hometown, documentation of what it once was, what it could have been, and my memories of it.