WITNESSER - Reception for new work by Charlotte White

  • Revolve 122 Riverside Drive Studio F Asheville, NC, 28801 United States



From the artist:

"This exhibit focuses around the physical conglomeration of personal and pandemic tragedies manifested through the act of seeing, as the witness, the viewer, and the artist. Testimonies of trauma pulled from individuals are transposed into a 2D image that blends fact with fiction thereby creating a space in which the viewer can connect their own firsthand storyline, the collective personal trauma. This community of witnessing brings together each individual perspective that allows for the viewer to grasp the magnitude of the event while simultaneously taking part in it. Within my work, publicly accessible images of oil spills, human induced wildfires, decomposing mental wards, nuclear bombings, etc., are used in combination with moments of personal hysteria, death, humiliation and loss to create a new landscape that explores the ties between how individuals navigate incidents based upon their own memories and experiences with the world. Large scale disasters directly linked to man’s folly are also incorporated as a theoretical individual marker for accessing that empirical investigation by the viewer. This orchestrated amalgamation of tragic imagery provides an idiosyncratic waypoint to navigate the human pandemic, a coping mechanism, a lantern in the dark."


Charlotte White graduated from University of North Carolina – Greensboro, in 2010 and is currently working towards her MFA at Western Carolina University. She continually showcases her work in galleries across the east coast while also working as a part time commission artist. Her personal work focuses on declining animal populations, deforestation, and other human induced trauma. She currently resides in Cullowhee, NC where she works in multi-medium formats for her graduation this Spring.

Charlotte White's website HERE.