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The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Love Stories

  • REVOLVE 821 Riverside Drive #179 Asheville, NC, 28801 United States (map)

Shanna Glawson

The human heart is infinitely more than just a blood-pumping organ.  It is the source of all life’s vitality and the institute of feeling, thought, and memory.  The iconological symbol of the heart that we use today is necessary for generating rationality for this institution of sentiment. Heart ideograms have been especially vital to religions that use both the imagery and the existence of the physical heart to represent emotional and spiritual qualities.  After its origination and development in the late Middle Ages, the “heart shape” was widely used by Renaissance artists, while the intertwining of religious virtuosities and romantic love developed “heart metaphors”.  The significant connotation of the heart is to serve as an empty vessel to be filled with love; romantic and spiritual.  Through the symbolic nature of the heart, the audience becomes fascinated with a feeling that transcends life and when depicted properly, can leave an impression of vicarious grandeur.  The artist explores these spiritual and metaphorical qualities by manipulating wood, metal, clay, and various other materials in order to make unique sculptural pieces.  Through the processes of carving and casting, the artist portrays the assorted conditions of the heart with allegories such as the romantic, wounded, broken, inflamed, and winged hearts.    
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