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REVOLVE SOUND: Elisa Faires + Meg Mulhearn + Bill Coonan

  • REVOLVE 821 Riverside Drive Asheville, NC, 28801 United States (map)




$10 suggested donation

Bill Coonan 

"William Coonan uses acoustic, electromechanical, and electronic instruments and effects to create dance tracks and lullabies for ghosts and other inter-dimensional beings. His music blends elements of American folk traditions, Afrobeat, ambient electronic, dub, drone, and experimental genres.

William has played in the local groups Night of the Lepus, The Luvsix, Ether Bunnies, Poky Little Puppy, and Desperate Pilot."

Meg Mulhearn

Meg Mulhearn is a composer who performs as a solo artist as Divine Circles and as a member of U.S. Christmas,Spectral Habitat, Judas HorseLunar Creature, and Void Ensemble. Music she has been involved with has been released by Neurot RecordingsRelapse RecordsParadigms RecordingsInherent Records, and Hooker Vision, among others. She has also composed strings for albums spanning many genres.

Elisa Faires

Elisa has been singing since she was eight years old. Her early beginnings were rooted in choral singing, later she studied and performed opera various classical music as well as electronic music. Since then she has performed and recorded with several different projects such as Xambuca, Hans Joachim Roedelius, Bloc Rainbow, Void Ensemble, and with Meg Mulhearn in their project Spectral Habitat. Elisa and William Coonan had a project in Asheville called Poky Little Puppy from 2005-2007. Faires approaches the voice as a musical instrument, using looping and layering and spontaneous multi-tracking coupled with the use of effects and added electronic/synthetic synthesized nuances, creating what she calls a β€œone-woman-choir.” She uses harmonies, other instruments, and drones or intonations to create a wall of sound to sonically interpret elements and patterns found in nature. A live piece performed by Faires is a piece from Photosynthesis titled Amaryllis, which is a body of work consisting of four distinct sections. Renaissance, Choral, and noise were all influences on the composing of this piece. In Freezing Night (originally a choral piece from the composer Benjamin Britten is completely reworked into another electronic art song as a devotional of gratitude to nature spirits, animals and the polar caps of the earth. 

Photosynthesis, by Elisa Faires